What Is It?

Nature's Release is a starter fertilizer for garden plants.  Derived from livestock manure, Nature's Release provides essential plant nutrients in a slow release form, from a sustainable source.  "Starter" fertilizers are applied during planting or transplanting to jump-start young plants into vigorous early growth.    

Unlike other slow release fertilizers, Nature's Release
 does not use polymers or other synthetic coatings.  It's natural, crystalline structure breaks down slowly in the soil releasing plant nutrients.  After all, when was the last time you said, "what my garden really needs is a synthetic coating!"

Not only is Nature's Release produced from a sustainable source, when used, its slow release nature keeps excess nutrients (including phosphorus) from being washed into nearby streams and lakes where they can cause harm to sensitive ecosystems.   

Those same slow release properties deliver nutrients in a gentle manner, so that unlike most water soluble fertilizers, Nature's Release can safely be used with seedlings.

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